Michael & Savannah 

We are natural light  wedding and editorial photographers for the elegant and adventurous .

As brother and sister, we grew up traveling the world. By the age of 20, we'd lived in more than 35+ countries.  Because we were constantly on the move, documenting life through the art of photography became more than a passion. It became a part of who we are.  We tried to settle down in Kansas City,  but we quickly affirmed our hearts were made to wander.      Now, based in NYC and LA, we're officially a bi-coastal business. 

Natural light is our specialty. Textures, tones, and shadows fuel our creative expression. In our work we aim to create images that last a lifetime, through an editorial modern approach.

In our work, we strive to show your true self through our lens. Our skills are in photography and videography, but our gift is in perception.