New York City can seem overwhelming at first. You feel like it is almost impossible to find "home". You are surrounded by people but can feel so alone at the same time. I really had to step out of my comfort zone to find like minded people. 

I found Christi (@nycbambi) on Instagram and her photos really spoke to me. I could see just by her photos that we had similar things in common. I reached out to her (not knowing if she would respond) asking if I could grab coffee. She said YES! 

We met and instantly clicked! We are both old souls dreaming of Paris in this busy city, but learning how to find it here. 

We wanted to find more places outside of the city that made us come alive, romantic, and free. We had something planned and it honestly completely fell apart... what seemed hopeless completely turned around. The photos turned out better than we thought. 

I've been learning how to make nyc feel like home to me. This was just a small example of me taking risk since I've been here, and haven't regretted it once.