Dylane & Natalie

I can't believe how long we have known Natalie and her family for. We grew up traveling the world together and now that she live in Australia with her husband we still find a way to come back together. Days before this shoot Natalie and Dylane were hesitant about shooting with us... They said they were "awkward" and didn't know how to be themselves in front of the camera (how many of you think the same). We kept reassuring them that it was our job to make them feel comfortable! They caved in on the moment of us being at the same place at the same time and hired us to go on a little sunrise adventure. 

No matter how uncomfortable you feel in front of the camera we do our best to help you feel as if no one is watching. The two have really been through a lot in their first few years of marriage, and you can see how much they truly love each other. 

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed our time with them! 

Love you Natalie and Dylane