Collaboration: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor 

This past year I noticed that the things that are excellent were accomplished with a team. Each individual has the capability to create, build, and develop new ideas on their own, but they can only get so far before they get stuck; where they cannot move past their own thoughts, unable to move forward. 

When you decide to put your pride away and ask for help, you are able to see things you never noticed before. You are able to dream bigger and give someone else the opportuniy to shine. 

Last month I was inspired to portray a side of a woman most people don’t notice. Yes, these photos are of a beautiful model. Yes, she is a bride. Everything about these images were created by the hands of women. Women I deeply admire and look up to for what they put their hands to and why they do it. If it wasn’t for each of these women, this collaboration would have never taken place. 

So six women decided to dream a little. To dream of a day they always looked forward to as a child or a day to look back on. This created a platform for each individual to be a woman in their gifting. 

I bring to you the BRIDE, she is:

Accomplished- because she knows her identity in Christ and 

Radiant- there is no one like her.