Brock & Keahi

 On the 28th of July, I was on a plane to Southern California for a conference called Socality Live SD. A couple days before I left, one of our dearest friends Keahi contacted us about shooting their portrait photos for their wedding day. They already had a photographer booked for the day but wanted Traditional Pattern capture these once in a life time moments. 

 We love the process of weddings, the ups and downs of the day and being able to capture those moments. But shooting just the portrait session was such a refreshing breath of air. being able to focus on just the portraits made this wedding one of my favorites.

It might look like it, but it was extremely cloudy. I was so impressed with Brock and Keahi's attitude, they were so in love and didn't let the weather effect their emotions. No matter what the images turned out wonderful.

Introducing Brock & Keahi