Mary & Tyler

Years ago I had the honor of meeting Mary Tulis, for years we only knew of each other and I never had the guts to introduce myself (she's gorgeous). Come to find out we both were extremely intimidated by each other and ended up becoming the best of friends. 

We went to school together for a year, growing closer and closer! Seeing the best and worst of each other, dealing with relationships, health and families. I won't forget the moment she told me about Tyler, she was shy, overwhelmed and completely falling involve with this man. 

He treated her with such respect, pushing her to follow her dreams and not just his. When I first met mary she never worked out, after dating Tyler for a year she was studying to become a personal trainer! She applied for the Art Institute of London and got accepted! He pulled the best out of her, and I couldn't of known anyone more perfect for her.

It brings me to tears thinking about this remarkable couple, two people I cherish dearly. They got married this May! I had the honor of being in the wedding, while my brother and sister photographed it. 

It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. 

We have been waiting to share these photos for sometime! We hope you enjoy each and every one of these memories.