Collaboration: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor 

This past year I noticed that the things that are excellent were accomplished with a team. Each individual has the capability to create, build, and develop new ideas on their own, but they can only get so far before they get stuck; where they cannot move past their own thoughts, unable to move forward. 

When you decide to put your pride away and ask for help, you are able to see things you never noticed before. You are able to dream bigger and give someone else the opportuniy to shine. 

Last month I was inspired to portray a side of a woman most people don’t notice. Yes, these photos are of a beautiful model. Yes, she is a bride. Everything about these images were created by the hands of women. Women I deeply admire and look up to for what they put their hands to and why they do it. If it wasn’t for each of these women, this collaboration would have never taken place. 

So six women decided to dream a little. To dream of a day they always looked forward to as a child or a day to look back on. This created a platform for each individual to be a woman in their gifting. 

I bring to you the BRIDE, she is:

Accomplished- because she knows her identity in Christ and 

Radiant- there is no one like her.


Brock & Keahi

 On the 28th of July, I was on a plane to Southern California for a conference called Socality Live SD. A couple days before I left, one of our dearest friends Keahi contacted us about shooting their portrait photos for their wedding day. They already had a photographer booked for the day but wanted Traditional Pattern capture these once in a life time moments. 

 We love the process of weddings, the ups and downs of the day and being able to capture those moments. But shooting just the portrait session was such a refreshing breath of air. being able to focus on just the portraits made this wedding one of my favorites.

It might look like it, but it was extremely cloudy. I was so impressed with Brock and Keahi's attitude, they were so in love and didn't let the weather effect their emotions. No matter what the images turned out wonderful.

Introducing Brock & Keahi

Tanner & Sara

At the beginning of this year, when we returned from India we decided to have a GIVE AWAY! 

We have actually known Tanner for years, and they both entered the competition to win the engagement shoot. Sarah was our golden winner!! They weren't even engaged yet.. Tanner couldn't wait any longer! He finally asked her for her hand in marriage a month prior.

We recently were able to give Sarah her prize and do an engagement session of them in Kansas City. Adventuring around the city to local bakeries, art districts and more. P.S. If you have not been to Heirloom Bakery & Hearth you need to go! Best bakery in KC.

 On October 10th, in Colorado we will be photographing their wedding! We couldn't be more excited! 

Anna Martin

We actually just met Anna, the day of this shoot.. I reached out to her over Instagram, asking if we could do a portrait session of her. She was more than willing! It was such an honor getting to know her. Now in a couple weeks we will be photographing her engagement photos!! 


Tyler & Mary's First Look

As photographers the first look is probably the biggest honor. That moment the groom sees his bride for the first time, knowing that today is the day the are making a commitment for life to each other. We decided to get up before the sun, to capture this moment. We couldn't of asked for a better sunrise! 

I've never experienced so much emotion in one moment! I've had the honor of knowing Mary & Tyler for a fews years now, and have seen them go through so many trails to get to this day. At times you just don't have the words to put to photographs, sometimes they just leave you breathless. 

Tyler & Mary Andrews 

Mary & Tyler

Years ago I had the honor of meeting Mary Tulis, for years we only knew of each other and I never had the guts to introduce myself (she's gorgeous). Come to find out we both were extremely intimidated by each other and ended up becoming the best of friends. 

We went to school together for a year, growing closer and closer! Seeing the best and worst of each other, dealing with relationships, health and families. I won't forget the moment she told me about Tyler, she was shy, overwhelmed and completely falling involve with this man. 

He treated her with such respect, pushing her to follow her dreams and not just his. When I first met mary she never worked out, after dating Tyler for a year she was studying to become a personal trainer! She applied for the Art Institute of London and got accepted! He pulled the best out of her, and I couldn't of known anyone more perfect for her.

It brings me to tears thinking about this remarkable couple, two people I cherish dearly. They got married this May! I had the honor of being in the wedding, while my brother and sister photographed it. 

It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. 

We have been waiting to share these photos for sometime! We hope you enjoy each and every one of these memories.